Josh Brolin On 'No Country' Ending: 'It Was Supposed To Piss You Off'

brolin.jpg"No Country For Old Men" might very well be a masterpiece. But, if so, it's certainly the most divisive modern classic in memory, with audiences bitterly conflicted over an ending which leaves much to the imagination.

Good, says "No Country" star Josh Brolin. That not only speaks to the movie's enduring quality, he said, but, if you were looking for a bloodbath, frankly serves you right.

"I love that people are talking about this movie. I love that people leave the movie saying, 'I hate the ending. I was so pissed.' Good, it was supposed to piss you off," the 39-year-old star told MTV News. "You completely lend yourself to [my] character and then you're completely raped of this character. I don't find it manipulative at all. I find it to be a great homage to that kind of violence."

Beware. Thar be spoilers in these waters.

After being chased by Javier Bardem's Anton Chigurh the entire movie, Brolin meets his violent end off-screen. Soon after, his wife is brutally murdered off-screen as well. After all that build-up, all that destruction, the film ends, not with an orgasmic culmination of violence, but with a quiet monologue from Sheriff Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones).

If you were expecting something different, Brolin argues, that "says more about you than the movie."

"You wanted to see his death, why? Because you're used to it. Aren't you so pleased to see a different take on the same cat and mouse game?" he asked. "I would think that you are happy and it seems that you are happy because you're pissed off and you have something to talk about all day."

What do you make of the ending to "No Country For Old Men"? Agree or disagree with Brolin, sound off below.