'Batman Vs. Superman': We'd Be Into It Too, But...

Batman and SupermanSo we like to think we're pretty on top of all your Batman and Superman movie news, like when we wrote about the billboard in "I Am Legend." There's nothing we're mose psyched about than "The Dark Knight" for instance but as far as we know those long abandoned plans to make a Superman/Batman flick died around the time Chris Nolan signed on to the latter franchise.

But here's the thing: apparently a whole lot of you are looking for "Batman Vs. Superman" news today. Our crack research team just informed me that a rather old story of ours about the two superheroes is playing like gangbusters today and I'll be quite honest...I don't know why. As far as we know, there's no news to report. If anything, maybe some "Justice League" news might break but "Batman Vs. Superman"? Why aren't you all searching for news on the "Superman" movie Kevin Smith wrote? I'm at a loss.