'Indy' Super-Producer Looks To Director's Chair For Jazz Biopic

Frank Marshall"Indiana Jones 4," "Jurassic Park 4," "Roger Rabbit 2," "Bourne 4” – pick a franchise, any great franchise, and Frank Marshall is probably working hard at bringing it back to the big screen. But ask him which one he's most excited for the world to see? Easy. None of the above.

"I do have one that I'm personally passionate about that I hope to direct, which is the story of a French guitarist named Django Reinhardt," Marshall revealed to MTV News. "He's arguably the father of modern jazz guitar - a French gypsy who kind of was the Elvis of Europe in the 40s. So I bought the rights to his life, his music, and to the other famous guy in his band, a violin player named Stefan Grappelli. Reinhardt's a fascinating character who inspired my dad to start playing jazz guitar."

Which more or less makes him the reason the Marshall family is in LA, the super-producer said – meaning we have him to thank for all those great movies. Marshall can't wait to repay the favor.

"It's being held up because of the strike [but] I'm putting my own notes down as a director," he declared. "I was incredibly inspired by ‘La Vie en Rose.' I want it to be like that. I want it to be music and story and not just a straight biopic."

Have you ever heard Reinhardt? To whom do you liken his sound? Are you excited at the prospect of another music biopic? Sound off below.