The Dailies: January 8, 2008

Ice CubeYup, we're back again with more links. Today, news on "The Neuromancer," "Transformers 2," "A-Team," "Eagle Eye," and more.

- I pity the fool who doesn't read Ice Cube's interview about "The A-Team," where he talks about the possibility of playing BA Baracus. (Blackfilm)

- Super-producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura talks Wayans casting on "G.I. Joe," says "Transformers 2" is "hurt" by the strike. (IESB)

- "Noooooooooo!" Hayden Christensen cast in "The Neuromancer." In all fairness, he was awesome in "Shattered Glass." (JoBlo)

- It's clobbering time. Michael Chiklis joins cast of "Eagle Eye" as Secretary of Defense. (Hollywood Reporter)

- On the cutting room floor: 15 big name actors who got left out of a movie. (IFC)

- Michael Cera isn't ticklish in this hilarious fake interview. (Funny or Die)