Kimberly Peirce Looks Towards Space For Arthur C. Clarke's 'Childhood'

'Childhood's End'Mankind is visited by aliens who help end wars, prolong life, and generally foster happiness for all humanity. Their appearance brings forth a new age in human evolution, as children born after their arrival begin to exhibit signs of telekinesis and telepathy. They help usher in nothing short of a glorious utopia on Earth.

So where's the conflict? For "Childhood's End," a classic work by Arthur C. Clarke that ranks among the very best science-fiction of the century, the devil is in the details -- literally -- since the alien visitors look exactly like Satan. That's armored, red hide, hoofs, horns, the whole nine.

It's a jarring mental image, that humanity's salvation will come on the wings of its worst fears, but one that "Stop-Loss" director Kimberly Peirce is dying to bring to the big screen.

"I love 'Childhood's End.' That's a phenomenal book," she enthused. "We have a draft of that and we'll see if Universal wants to make it."

But the movie is not just a think-piece, Peirce reminded. While the book itself deals with "BIG" ideas, it's also got its fair share of whiz-bang, oohs and ahhs, as well, including, but not limited to, voyages through space and a trip to the aliens' planet.

"If you're going to launch something that big you need a big movie star. It's probably not less than a 70 million dollar movie," Peirce commented. "You go to that movie with a certain appetite for spectacle."

In the meantime, Peirce has her sights on another project…one a little closer to home.

"There's a dark, sexual story that I'm writing and there's also one set in New Orleans which is about when the authority meets the community on the lawless streets," she revealed of as yet untitled pics. "It's the rise of a great American gangster. It's based on some real stories I've been reading about. It's a combination of a few stories."

Are we ready for a film version of "Childhood's End"? Should Peirce tackle that first or do her other project ideas leave you wanting more? Sound off below.