Katherine Heigl On Britney Spears: 'Leave Her Alone'

By and large we stick to movie news and commentary here on the Movies Blog, but when you've got an outspoken star like Katherine Heigl chatting on a red carpet at the height of Britney mania...well sue us, we had to ask for her take. Heigl knows a thing or two about public scrutiny so it's no surprise the actress stressed "compassion" for Spears during this time when "she is obviously in a great deal of drama and pain." Of course, she also added that her wish for the media to leave Britney alone was "a pipe dream." So let's give some kudos to Heigl for living in the real world, even if it came as she stood in front of 27 women in dresses pimping her latest flick, "27 Dresses."

What do you think of Heigl's remarks? Should everyone just leave Britney alone? Is it a pipe dream as she says? And what about those women in those crazy dresses in the background? So many questions...

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