High-Flying Hero Billy Campbell Wants Return Of Rocketeer

'The Rocketeer'If Rambo, James Bond, and Indiana Jones can all return to kicking butt and taking names after extended absences, why not The Rocketeer, star Billy Campbell asked of his titular role as the high-flying hero, revealing to MTV News that way back in 1991 when the film premiered there was actually a "lot of talk" about a sequel.

"I was talking to [writer] Dave Stevens just the night before last. We always talked about having a sequel," Campbell confessed. "[Unfortunately] the movie didn't make as much money as Disney had hoped and that coupled with the acrimonious relationship that the director [Joe Johnston] and the studio had contributed to them not even considering it."

Too bad, thinks Campbell, who says he'd be down in a NY minute for a "Rocketeer 2."

"I would dig that. I've always wished for a sequel to 'The Rocketeer,'" Campbell said. "I thought that would have been really neat. It could have been great."

And the helmet?

"My head hasn't gotten any bigger," he joked. (Recent Oscar winning co-stars Jennifer Connelly, Alan Arkin, unavailable for comment. Alas.)

We know Campbell is down, but what about you? Would you want to see a "Rocketeer 2”? Sound off below.