Jon Favreau Gets Animated For 'Neanderthals'

Jon FavreauJon Favreau is hard at work at putting the final bells and whistles on "Iron Man," but the director told MTV News that he's already keen on starting his next project, an animated film called "Neanderthals." No, like, right now.

"We've been discussing this for almost four years now and it's finally coming to fruition. It's written and ready to go," he enthused of the motion capture film. "[I'm hoping] we could do the mo-cap before the potential actors strike [June 2008]. I would then theoretically work on the animated part of it over the next couple of years."

Considering "Iron Man" comes out in May, that would mean a little double duty for the ambitious Favreau, who also told MTV he's interested in an "Avengers" movie among other projects.

It's a workload he's ready to tackle. But while "Iron Man" gave him a PhD's knowledge of special effects, Favreau insists that "Neanderthals" will be something else entirely – different from even other motion capture animated films like "Beowulf" or "Polar Express."

"Mo-cap is a misleading term because the animation won't resemble the animation of ‘Polar Express' or ‘Monster House.' That was very lifelike," he asserted. "This will be comedic and stylized. The animation will appear more like a traditional animated film. The mo-cap will be used simply as a basis for animation and to allow the performers to all be in one space together. Hopefully, it will inherit some of their spontaneity."

So, given that, who exactly does Jon have in mind? Perhaps another reunion with pal Vince Vaughn?

"We haven't cast it yet, but I like working with people who have a background in improvisation," he said. "I don't want to follow the paradigm of a [traditional] animated film."

How about you? What comedian would you like to see in an animated film? And what do you make of Favreau's veiled disdain for "realistic" motion capture? Sound off below.