The Dailies: January 7, 2008

In today's link round-up, news on "Dark Knight," "G.I. Joe," "Bond 22," "Superman," and more.

- True American heroes? Marlon Wayans joins "G.I. Joe" as Ripcord. Joseph Gordon-Levitt in negotiations for flick as well. (Variety)

- Now that's a dapper looking man! Photos emerge from the set of "Bond 22." (MI6)

- Faster than a speeding bullet, Brandon Routh is back as Superman. (AICN)

- "[I]f you're the girl in Batman, you're going to be a damsel in distress to some extent." Maggie Gyllenhaal briefly talks "The Dark Knight." (Metro UK)

- Dream on. Freddy Krueger coming back to haunt you in another "Nightmare on Elm Street." Sequel will NOT include Jason. (Bloody-Disgusting)

- Do you like to watch movies on your iphone? David Lynch would like to have a word with you (language advisory). (Hollywood-Elsewhere)