'Juno' Writer Diablo Cody Goes Horror, Channels 'Rosemary's Baby' In 'Body'

Diablo CodyBy now, you might be feeling guilty this holiday season with the realization that you'd rather hang with the boundary-breaking family of "Juno" than your own. But that feeling might fade soon enough, as screenwriter Diablo Cody and director Jason Reitman are hard at work planning a follow-up that could make us all run and hide in the arms of a loved one.

"It's a horror movie, and it's also about teenagers," explained Cody, the white-hot writer currently accumulating awards nominations faster than Angelina Jolie takes in international babies. "It's a lot darker [than 'Juno'], and it also has comedic elements. Horror is my favorite genre - and like Juno, I like horror movies."

The flick is called "Jennifer's Body," and will most likely mark the first appearance of sexy Megan Fox since her "Transformers" breakthrough this past summer. Described as a "Heathers"-type dark comedy, it tells the story of a seemingly-perfect cheerleader whose life is thrown into disarray when she gets possessed by a demon, begins eating boys in her small Minnesota town, then faces off against her best friend and the Satan-worshipping band that made her evil. Geez, doesn't it suck when that happens?

"I think the interesting thing about adolescence is it's a time when your emotions are totally heightened," Cody said of the subtext she's attempting to capture. "There's so much potential for comedy, tragedy, melodrama, horror, whatever." Reitman is currently onboard to produce with "Girlfighter" helmer Karyn Kusama directing.

"My favorite horror movie of all time is probably 'Rosemary's Baby,'" Cody said of the 1968 Roman Polanski demon-baby classic. Grinning, she added two ominous words that promised the favorite "Body" scene she'd written thus far.

"Ultimate showdown," she laughed. "Jason is producing ['Body'], so we get to work together again, which is awesome. And Megan Fox is hot."

No argument there. But at the end of the day, the Golden Globes-nominated writer said there's one main link between her fascination with Ellen Page's Juno character and Fox's upcoming horror role. "It's just, to me, teenagers are cool," Cody explained.