'Fight Club: The Musical'? David Fincher On His Upcoming Projects, Including 'Torso' And 'Rendezvous'

David FincherWhen I got the chance to chat recently with David Fincher, I had a laundry list of projects I wanted him to weigh in on. Thankfully the astounding director of "Zodiac" and "Seven" spent the better part of an hour happily dispensing new info on his future slate. The first part of the interview, in which he discusses "Zodiac," can be read by clicking here.

Now the rest of our chat is up, and among the highlights of part two of the David Fincher interview:

-- He's planning on turning "Fight Club" into a musical.

-- His planned film version of "Torso" may star Matt Damon as Eliot Ness.

-- He's planning a series of CGI 3-D films based on "Heavy Metal."

-- His onetime flirtation with directing a James Bond film.

-- The time for "Rendezvous with Rama" is drawing close. He discusses his approach to shooting the ambitious flick.

There's a whole lot more than these tibits in my full David Fincher interview, including his intent for what "Alien 3” was supposed to be.

Which of David Fincher's many planned projects are you interested in seeing first?