EXCLUSIVE: All Hail The 'Ice Kings' As Gondry Reveals His Trippy Next Flick

Michel GondryIf any other writer/director hit you with this plotline, you might be inclined to glance around the room for his crack pipe. With Michel Gondry, however, it somehow makes sense.

"I'm writing a story about kids who invent a water that makes you hear music when you drink it," explained the director of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and next month's trippy Jack Black flick "Be Kind Rewind". "It's going to be a scientific story, but completely unrealistic."

Revealing the film for the first time anywhere to MTV News, Gondry added that its current title is "The Return of the Ice Kings," and that he already has actors in mind for several roles. "I've been talking to some," explained the in-demand French filmmaker, whose previous films have lured the likes of Jim Carrey, Dave Chappelle, and Kate Winslet. "But I have to finish the writing first."

"Return of the Ice Kings" will mark Gondry's fifth screenwriting effort, following "Sunshine" and "Rewind," as well as "The Science of Sleep" and his upcoming flick "Tokyo!" The director, who shot to fame with groundbreaking music videos for the likes of Bjork and The White Stripes, is planning to make it his next gig after the Japan-set film.

"I'm into science - in fact, I read more about science and astronomy than about movies," he said of his mindset while writing "Ice Kings." "Science is re-questioning itself all the time, and it's still at a stage where anything is possible."

It's these kinds of possibilities that are allowing Gondry's legendary imagination to run wild, and he's planning on taking his music-loving kids to some unusual places. "At one point, they see the end of time in the movie," he revealed of a scene he's already plotting in his head. "So, we'll have to shoot it somewhere that looks like the end of time."