Jennifer Garner Hopes To Boldly Go To J.J. Abrams' 'Star Trek'

Jennifer GarnerLike peanut butter and jelly or iPhones and unexpected roaming charges, it's hard to imagine Jennifer Garner without J.J. Abrams. The dynamic duo go all the way back to "Felicity," through 105 episodes of "Alias" and beyond.

"He rocks; I would do anything for him," she said of her friend. And now, as his highly-anticipated "Star Trek" reboot continues to film, Garner wants to go where few actresses have gone before.

"I just want to be a Klingon in the movie," the A-list "Juno" star pleaded, insisting that she'd even take a cameo. "I just want to walk through [the frame] as a Klingon."

Of course, no one will confirm that the hairy, wrinkly-foreheaded aliens are even in next winter's "Trek" (unless Garner just coughed up something Abrams told her). Either way, the actress said she's something of a Trekkie herself, and can't wait to see what J.J. brings to outer space.

"J.J. is kind of like Juno," she laughed, referencing Ellen Page's quick-witted character in her current movie. "It's just his energy, his personality, and he's as smart as anybody I've ever met. Both funny and nice."

On a semi-related note, Garner also spoke with us about the thank you credit in "Gone Baby Gone," in which her husband Ben listed her as "Jennifer Affleck". "No [I'm not changing my name], that was just kind of him thanking me," she revealed. "It was because, the way that I helped in that movie was not as a professional person, it was as a wife. That was sweet though, right?"

Cue the "awwws" and sound up the violins - but if Garner truly wants to portray a warrior alien who lives by the motto "Revenge is a dish best served cold," she'll need to drop the sweet stuff. So, we'll be expecting a "Jennifer Garner" credit, okay J.J.?