The Dailies: January 3, 2008

Alan MooreAs the week nears to a close, we're back with news on "Watchmen," "Indy 4," "Bond 22," Viggo Mortensen, and more.

- Who watches the "Watchmen"? Well it sure as hell won't be Alan Moore. To the shock of no one, comic legend washes his hands of Zack Snyder's epic new film. (Wizard)

- "Does it look like we need the money?" Jeffrey Wright back as CIA agent Felix Leiter in "Bond 22." (Variety)

- Shia LaBeouf brings a switchblade to a gun fight. Cover revealed for "Indy 4" comic book. (/film)

- Somebody better call Wilson. Viggo Mortensen and Philip Seymour Hoffman are in talks to join "Vanikoro," the story of two survivors deserted on a desert island for nearly 20 years. (Bloody-Disgusting)

- "The Host 2" sequel to be a prequel? (Twitch)