Paul Reubens Amped To Enter The Dollhouse 'During Wartime'

Paul ReubensTodd Solondz's newest film "Life During Wartime" is amazing! It's incredible! It's brilliant!

Well, it would be, declared Paul Reubens – that is, if it ever actually gets made at all.

"If it gets made, I'm doing it - but I'm not sure. It's gotten pushed three times," the artist formerly known as Pee Wee told MTV News. "He's had problems with the financing on it." And that's a tragic reality of modern filmmaking insists the 55-year-old star. "To me it's such a sad state of events that he can't get that movie made. He's such a talented guy," Reubens said. "His movies are so incredible."

If "Life During Wartime" DOES ever get made, it appears to be another satirical hit in the vein of Solondz's "Welcome to the Dollhouse" and "Happiness." No – literally.

"It's characters from 'Welcome to the Dollhouse' and 'Happiness' whose paths converge. It's all different people playing the same roles," Reubens said of the plot. "I'm playing a role someone else played in one of those movies."

"Life During Wartime" is also rumored to star Emma Thompson, Demi Moore, and Paul Dano.

Does a crossover movie in the Solondz universe appeal to you? Got $10 million to finance a movie? Sound off below.

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