Guillermo Del Toro Ready To Unleash Frankenstein's Monster

Guillermo Del ToroIn Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" there are two monsters: the creature brought back to life, of course, and the mad scientist who does it, Dr. Frankenstein.

Actually, make that three monsters, the affable Guillermo Del Toro joked. "I will appear shirtless for most of the length of the film," he teased of his upcoming reinterpretation of the classic story. "You will be amazed at my chocolate bar physique!"

Del Toro, who told MTV News that he's "always been" interested in directing a version of "Frankenstein," said he's hard at work in pre-production, crafting drawings which he hopes to use as a basis for the world of the film. "I started doing some notes before the strike," he revealed. "[During the strike] I can only draw now." (Watch Del Toro discuss "Frankenstein" after the jump.)

Known for his adult fairy tales like "Pan's Labyrinth," Del Toro insists he has a "definitive take" on the character.

"The only way to do the Shelley novel is to actually do a four-hour miniseries," he said. "But I think there permutations in which you can tell the myth in a different way."

To watch our full interview with Del Toro, in which he discusses "Hellboy II," "The Orphanage" and more, click here.

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