Cast of 'Sweeney Todd' Hope To Spill More Blood In Sequels

Johnny Depp in 'Sweeney Todd'Sweeney Todd's a serial killer, and you know what that means -- serial movies! The younger cast members of "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" all have dream sequels on the brain, each starring themselves as the latest revenge-seeker in the cycle.

For instance, Jamie Bowers, who plays the love-struck sailor Anthony, proposes that his character and his lady love Johanna (played by Jayne Wisener) end up running away together -- to start a new killing rampage. "We're the killers this time," he proposed, "but you can't tell anyone yet."

But the would-be couple have some competition from street kid Toby, who actually commits some violence on-screen this time around as practice. "He's quite a troubled young man, he's seen a lot," said Ed Sanders, who plays Toby.

"I think he would be the next Sweeney Todd." Instead of splitting throats in a barber's chair, Sanders predicts Toby would throw people "straight in the fire." "I think that's because that's what's traumatized him the most," he theorized. "I'm sure there's many other possible outcomes. It's worth thinking about."

Either way, Bowers joked, "We could call it either 'Sweeney Todd 2: The Body Count Continues,' or 'Sweeney Todd 2: This Time It's Personal.'"