Jason Reitman Doesn't Want To Cross Streams With His 'Ghostbusters' Dad

When a film made your dad's directorial career, but now you've triumphantly stepped out of his shadow to launch your own, who are you not gonna call?

"It's funny, I get asked that question actually quite often," explained "Juno" director Jason Reitman, admitting that he's still haunted by the "Ghostbusters" legacy of his father, Ivan. After years of speculation surrounding a potential third film, however, Jason continues to insist he won't be taking the reins.

"It would be the most boring 'Ghostbusters' movie of all time. There would be no ghost busting," laughed the red-hot 30-year-old, who broke out in 2005 with "Thank You for Smoking." "I like making really small, personal movies. When I read 'Juno,' I just thought it was iconic. And 'Ghostbusters' is iconic, but it's my dad's, and I don't think I can touch that."

But, entertaining the notion of what he'd do with Drs. Venkman, Stantz and Spengler (and, yes, Winston), Reitman added: "My ['Ghostbusters 3'] would just be guys talking about ghosts, really. 'You hear about that ghost? Spooky stuff!' and then the other guy would be like, 'Yeah.' "

Wanting to set the record straight once and for all, Jason insisted that he's happier shepherding small scripts like his new knocked-up teen comedy to awards-season-juggernaut status. "I don't [have any plans to touch 'Ghostbusters.'] ... It's like, if I was Michael Jordan's son, I would probably never slam dunk. It would be irony. I'd be a perimeter shooter."