Exclusive Clip: Ice Cube's 'First Sunday'

If you've got an unproduced screenplay in your hands with the word "Saturday" in its title, you might want to get those pages into the hands of Ice Cube as soon as possible. These days, the "Friday" star is gearing up for next month's "First Sunday," all part of what he jokingly refers to as his weekend trilogy. "I've got the best days of the week," he teased. With that in mind, Cube has slipped us an exclusive scene from his new comedy, which stars himself and "30 Rock" funnyman Tracy Morgan as two would-be criminals who hold up a church. The scene, entitled "The Cheap Seats," sets up the plot as the two buddies stake out the holy house where they'll soon perform a decidedly unholy act. Hear him talk about it after the jump.

"The difference between this movie, and the other comedies that I've shot, is that this movie was shot in a real church," the famed rapper/actor told us. "So, everybody was kind of cool. Since we were shooting in a church, everybody was on their best behavior, until it was time to act."

Thinking back to the day they filmed this scene, Cube insisted that even the outrageous Morgan was trying to keep things sedate between takes. "We didn't get a lot of clowning around, like on the 'Friday' movies. When we first got in there, everybody was ultra-respectful, but as we shot, people got into character," he laughed. "I think there was a little bit more cussing than the church would normally allow, but we tried to keep it to a minimum."

Backed up a by a solid supporting cast including Chi McBride, Keith David and Regina Hall, "First Sunday" lands in theaters on 2008's second Friday, January 11th.