Tim Roth Still Up For Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglorious' WWII Flick

Tim RothIt's official: Quentin Tarantino's World War II opus, "Inglorious Bastards," has now taken longer than World War II itself. The movie, about a group of scoundrels given a suicide mission through Nazi-occupied France is reportedly a 600 page masterpiece. But just one would be enough for Tim Roth (that would be the title page), who for years has been rumored to star in the "Dirty Dozen" homage alongside Michael Madsen.

"I love [Quentin] to bits. If he ever does it of course I'd like to be in it. It's entirely up to him," Roth said. "It would be fun to be in a big Second World War movie. My dad was in that war."

Of course, it's the "if he ever does it" that's the rub. The motor-mouth maestro has been talking up the project since "Jackie Brown." In an interview with MTV News in 2005, he said it was his next project after "Grindhouse." Meanwhile, Roth's still waiting.

"It's a conversation we had a long time ago," he sighed.

We're not ones to rush genius, but c'mon Quentin, throw us a bone. Are you looking forward to this "Inglorious" project as much as we are? Sound off below.

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