Lance Armstrong Biopic Pedals Forward With Matt Damon Still In Running

Lance ArmstrongA Lance Armstrong movie is still coming to the big-screen, insisted producer Frank Marshall, even if its path hasn't exactly been as straightforward as right down the Champs-Élysées towards the Arc de Triomphe.

"It's still on the front burner. We still want to do it. I just talked to Lance yesterday about it. He's gung ho," Marshall enthused. "I'm going down to see him next week to kind of regroup and see if we can't go forward and do something next summer."

One of the rumored reasons for the film's delay has been the recent scandals which have rocked the cycling world, from Floyd Landis's flunking a blood test in 2006 to last year's Tour de France, which was called "the dirtiest ever."

But if there's any reluctance to make a movie based on perceived (and totally unfounded) allegations of misconduct – that's news to Marshall, the producer exclaimed.

"We're not going to ignore the doping scene or the fact that there's testing and that there's allegations, but it certainly doesn't enter into our story," Marshall said. "These other guys test positive - there's a reason! Lance is the most tested guy on the planet. And that was for at least seven straight years. He's just built differently than the rest of us. So let's get over it!"

Originally slated to direct and produce the project, Marshall told MTV News he's taking one job off the table.

"I'm thinking that I might just produce that and particularly now, we're still trying to get the script right," he revealed. "I'm thinking of going to somebody who can write and direct it."

But the job of the role itself is still available to Marshall's most successful recent colleague, he said.

"Matt [Damon] is certainly one of the front-running candidates [for the role of Lance]," he conceded. "If he wants to do it that would be great."

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