My Bizarre Moment With James Franco

James Franco is a great actor, and over the past few years he's been in so many films that I feel like I've spent more time talking with him than my own mother. Which made it all the more strange when I caught up with him on the set of the Justin Lin film "Finishing the Game," for my most bizarre interview of 2007. Speaking in the basement of an abandoned L.A. warehouse, I asked questions about Lin's indie/comedy reinvention, Franco's upcoming flicks "Flyboys" and "Spider-Man 3," and requested a standard on-camera introduction. Maybe I was having a bad day; maybe he was.

Either way, click below to hear me attempting to keep Franco talking, his sighs of frustration, and more awkward pauses than Season One of "The Office." And, is it just me, or does James flip me the bird at one point?

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