Did 'Juno' That Ellen Page Is The Next Big Thing?

Ellen PageLike Reese Witherspoon ("Election"), Keira Knightley ("Bend It Like Beckham") and Rachel McAdams ("The Notebook") before her, Ellen Page may have found her breakthrough with a below-the-radar flick. As "Juno" finally rolls out, Page’s star-making performance is likely to leave you with one simple question in mind: “Where can I see her next?”

"I'm in 'An American Crime,' which premiered at Sundance, and will hopefully come out next summer," the 20 year old said of her upcoming, diverse slate. "It's a really intense film. It’s based on a true story about a girl in '65, who was horribly tortured in a woman's basement."

Co-starring James Franco and "Halloween" star Scout Taylor-Compton, the flick has been making its way recently around the festival circuit. “It was incredible to be a part of this movie and to be working with Catherine Keener, who I adore," Page said of the film's leading lady, an Oscar nominee and "40 year Old Virgin" star.

Shifting gears, Page will resurface next spring in "Smart People," a film about a widowed professor (Dennis Quaid) dealing with new love and the reappearance of his adopted brother. "It's produced by Michael London, who produced 'Sideways,'" Page said, explaining why the flick also stars Thomas Haden Church.

As Quaid's daughter in the film, "I play a completely different character from Juno; I play a very bitchy, young Republican," Page explained. "It can often be so easy to judge other people - which is obviously a huge mistake, and it causes a lot of the harm in the world ... For a role like this, the important thing is, I can't judge ... [as an actress] you realize, 'Oh wow, now I know why she is so isolated and angry.'"

But with Page's star finally soaring, don't think she plans to leave blockbusters like "X-Men 3" behind. "It’s fun to be 5-foot-1 and playing a superhero," she grinned. "You don't often get to wear leather suits and run through fire. So, yeah, it's pretty hot."

Such superheroic exploits will have to wait, however, because Page is booked solid for the near future. "I'm shooting a film in the spring with Olivia Thirlby (the cheerleader in 'Juno') called 'Jack and Diane,'" the actress explained, teasing her newfound fans with the promise of love scene between the two "Juno" best friends (in the flick, Page is a teenage lesbian werewolf). "I have a film lined up for the summer, too - so it's all chugging along."

After you see "Juno," be sure to weigh in below and let us know what you thought of Page's performance!