Justin Long Confirms That He's 'Still Waiting...'

When Justin Long, Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris and Dane Cook came to Louisiana in early 2004 to shoot the low-budget comedy "Waiting...", each was a long way from superstardom. Movies like "Good Luck Chuck," "Just Friends," and "Live Free or Die Hard" were mere glints in screenwriters' eyes, and Long's sole connection with Mac was that he'd occasionally eat a Big one.

Now, nearly five years later, Long has confirmed to MTV News that he is indeed returning to his Shenaniganz roots.

"Yeah, I did a day," the fast-rising star confirmed recently, referring to the ongoing shoot of "Still Waiting...", a flick that reunites many of the supporting players from the raunchy cult classic. "I did a little scene."

Unfortunately, Long's return as Dean, the jaded waiter and main character in the original film, will be nothing more than a cameo. But, unlike Ryan Reynolds, at least Long will be back for the sequel. And he brought along a few other Shenaniganz veterans as well.

"I got my hands on a scene with the great Dave Koechner, and the great John Michael Higgins," Long said of his scene, which also features those two actors reprising their roles as micro-manager Dan and inexperienced waiter Mitch, respectively. "It was very fun."

As returning stars Andy Milonakis and Alanna Ubach revealed to us at the MTV Movie Awards in June, "Still Waiting..." finds the Bennigan's-like restaurant in financial difficulty, threatening the jobs of its decidedly non-hygienic waitstaff. As they scramble to save their once-despised place of employment, such returning actors as Vanessa Lengies and Luis Guzman are joined by newcomers like Adam Carolla and "Greek" star Tricia Trotter.

Sadly, Long refused to cough up any info on whether he'll once again engage in such infamous "Game" moves as The Goat, or even the exact nature of his appearance. "It's just a shameless cameo," he grinned. "I just kinda say 'Hey, remember me form the first one?'"

Flashing a devilish grin, he added: "Literally, I think those are my lines: 'Remember me? I was the guy from the first one'," he laughed. "No, my character just kinda comes back. But I don't want to ruin the surprise for America."