Tim Roth Teases Surprising Look In 'Hulk'

When Ang Lee's "Hulk" came out way back in 2003, the knock on it from the comic community was that it played too much like a character film, with not enough action, not enough spectacle -- not enough Hulk smashing the ever-loving crap out of his enemies. So, of course, Tim Roth, who plays villain Abomination, immediately waylaid our worst fears that the reboot would be more of the same.

"I can't give the game away, but I felt like I was making an independent movie with a serious budget," he said. "They had three units going and I was with the second unit quite often. I wrapped the other day in Brazil."

Wait, what? An independent movie? If Hulk and Abomination don't lay waste to entire cities with the brutality of their fighting, I’M going to start to smash things.

Luckily, Roth seems to have a different definition of what makes an independent movie than I do, since he promised MTV the new flick would also be chock full of action.

"You'll be surprised!" he enthused. "I did it for my children. I have three boys. They’re just bang on right for it. I just wanted to do something they'd think was cool."

And that's all I need to hear, really. Because while I might not know what the definition of an independent movie is to Roth, one thing I DO know is that little boys think one thing and one thing only is cool -- and that's when superheroes beat the snot out of each other.

"There have been a few of these [comic book movies] that they've gotten wrong," Roth said. "The stuff I was involved with was seriously good fun. Hopefully this is one they got right."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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