Adam Brody Can't Outrun the Justice League of America

We’ve heard of fast rising stars, but this is getting ridiculous.

27-year-old Adam Brody is going from the Land of Women to the Hall of Justice, as the former television star has closed negotiations to play The Flash in George Miller’s “Justice League of America” movie, the “LA Times” reports. The version of the Flash seen in “JLA” will be Wally West, nephew to original Flash Barry Allen, whose death is rumored to open the upcoming flick.

But what, oh what, could this possibly mean for poor Ryan Reynolds? It means, almost certainly, that his dream of playing the Flash is all but dead, as David Dobkin previously revealed exclusively to MTV News that his upcoming spin-off would exist in the “Justice League” universe. While no confirmation has been made to that effect, it probably means Brody has signed onto one or more solo films as well.

When contacted for comment by MTV, a Warner Brothers representative echoed statements made earlier to The Times, saying that the film hasn’t yet even been greenlit.

Think fast! Is Brody the guy you want to see as Wally West? What other actors would compliment his casting? What does this mean for upcoming solo films? Sound off below!