Kevin Smith Hopes To Make Jay And Silent Bob Animated Film

Randall and Dante, the sad sack titular clerks at the heart of Kevin Smith’s breakthrough first film, may have sold their last pack of Nails cigarettes – for a little while anyway – with the long-rumored straight-to-DVD animated film "Clerks: Sell Out" deader than poor Julie Dwyer, regretted Smith.

"The Clerks cartoon movie we’re talking about doing is kinda held up by the fact that Disney owned the 'Clerks' cartoon," Smith said of the series, which aired for only two episodes on ABC way back in 2000. "And I don't think they get along with the Weinstein team very much anymore. So we would have to do it without them, and that’s really not an option. So I kinda don't foresee that happening."

But with one potential animated film down, Smith may turn his attention to another, he revealed. After all, Randall and Dante aren't the only reason to visit a Quik Stop.

"I own the characters Jay and Silent Bob so, conceivably, we could do it straight-to-DVD animated Bluntman and Chronic or something like that," he enthused. "I would write it, turn it over to guys that do animation. I wouldn't be against that at all."

What do you think? Should Smith write another Jay and Silent Bob adventure for DVD? If so, what would you like to see in the movie? Sound off below.

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