Seth Rogen Reveals More Details On 'Green Hornet'

Break out Black Beauty and get ready your masks!

Three months after promising MTV that his “Green Hornet” would be an "awesome action movie," Seth Rogen is back with news on the 71-year-old superhero, confirming to our very own Josh Horowitz that he will indeed suit up in the famous green fedora.

That is, just as soon as he starts working out.

"You should believe that I can do some physical activity," Rogen, the somewhat rotund star of "Knocked Up" laughed. "You have to believe I can do SOMETHING."

The actor we're most thankful for this past year, Rogen needs prove nothing to us – that's how confident we are that anything this man touches turns to gold. So we were all ears when he wanted to reveal more details about this highly anticipated upcoming project.

But we admit we're probably in the minority. When Rogen involvement was announced, fans flooded our message boards claiming he was the wrong choice for the famous crime-fighter.

"Nerds love complaining!" Rogen chuckled. But what seems to be the primary concern – that the man behind "Superbad" would make "Hornet" too comedic – may have some grounding.

"There's a more comedic version and a less comedic version and we don't know what will feel right until we’re actually writing it," he revealed.

Read the rest of the article for news on who Rogen wants as Kato, why he thinks fans are too quick to judge, and why "Hornet" will be unlike any superhero movie we’ve ever seen – then come back here and sound off on what you think of his involvement. Has he changed your mind? What would you like to see from your "Green Hornet" movie?