Amy Ryan Loves Spare 'Changeling'

Amy RyanIt's a good time to be an Amy in Hollywood these days, with Adams taking off in "Enchanted," Sedaris going mainstream in "Shrek 3," and Smart continuing to line up indie gigs. The busiest actress out of them all, however, might just be Ryan.

Besides busting out in the recent critical fave "Gone Baby Gone," audiences have seen her this year in "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" and "Dan in Real Life." And these days, the New York native is happily working on the legendary Clint Eastwood's next high-profile flick.

"I've done one day, and I go back in December to finish...I have about a week and-a-half more to do," she explained of "The Changeling," a film that co-stars Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich. "I play a woman who befriends Angelina, when they're both in this dire situation."

Rather than a remake of the George C. Scott horror flick, Eastwood's "Changeling" tells the story of a grieving mother (Jolie) whose kidnapped son is returned quite different than the way she remembers him. As her suspicion grows, the mother uncovers some dark secrets in the LAPD.

"I'm the one who guides her, and tells her how to survive," Adams said of her role in the film, which has been shooting around L.A. for just over a month. "The meat and potatoes between Angelina and I are coming up. There are some good fight scenes between us."

Adding that said scenes won't have her physically coming to blows with the leading lady, Amy Ryan also revealed that tales of her famously grumpy director have been greatly exaggerated. "I met him on set the first day," she remembered of meeting Eastwood. "I was walking to set with my head down, and I only picked my head up because I was going to bump into this man. Then, we both started laughing. He's a funny man!"

Nevertheless, when it comes time to work, the man behind "Million Dollar Baby" and "The Unforgiven" is all business. "His set is so calm," she insisted. "He said to me, 'I read somewhere that you worked with Sidney Lumet. So you're used to doing two takes? That's good'. [My first shooting day] was really quick; I was there at noon, and I was home by two in the afternoon