Dobby's Voice Weighs In On Character's Fate

Toby JonesI've used this space before to write about how, out of all the characters in "Harry Potter" who kick the bucket, it was the death of Dobby the House Elf that hit me the hardest.

"What!" Toby Jones exclaimed in mock seriousness when MTV recently asked him about the character, who he voices. "He DIES?!?"

Ok, very funny Mr. Jones. But, seriously, not to get all Dr. Phil on you here, but how does that make you feel?

"I can only take a certain amount of credit for inhabiting Dobby, because clearly these brilliant people at Industrial Light and Magic have created Dobby and I just voiced the character," he humbly confessed. "[But] am always amazed and flattered at how much that character has endured even though he hasn’t been in any films for a while. Every time a book comes out people phone me, and write to me from around the world saying 'He’s in! He is in!'"

Of course, he HASN’T been in the movies, not since "Chamber of Secrets" anyway. But there may be no way around including him in "Deathly Hallows," thinks Jones, not now that he has what Jones calls a "tragic hero death [amid] a string of tragic deaths."

So if they came calling?

"I think it certainly would be fun to do his death," Jones said, a wry smile across his face. "It would be fun."