Tim Burton Says 'Lay Off!' When It Comes To His 'Batman' Films

Tim BurtonNearly twenty years may have gone by but Tim Burton still feels a debt to one man for the success that was "Batman." "Jack [Nicholson] was so good to me. He really helped me through 'Batman' completely. I was just a kid. Everybody was wondering how I got this job and he was just quietly supporting me. I'll never forget that," the visionary director recalled when I brought up the famed franchise.

When I told Burton that Nicholson had seemed almost upset about Heath Ledger taking over as the Joker in the upcoming film, the director laughed it off saying, "That's what's great about him. He could be not serious but he also could be serious. That's what gives him an amazing quality as an actor and a person."

But just because it's laughs all around when it comes to Burton and Nicholson doesn't mean the "Sweeney Todd" director doesn't harbor some resentment over how his "Batman" films were treated.

"I was just always amazed that people used to rag on my movies," he said. "Nobody really acknowledged the fact that ['Batman'] was slightly different at the time from other comic book movies. So lay off, will you? They would get on my case all the time and it's still kind of that way today," he said.

What do you think? Did Burton's "Batman" never get its due? Or is Burton as mad as one of his maniacal creations? Sound off below.