Not So Happily Ever After For Fairy Tale Princess in 'Enchanted 2’

'Enchanted' PosterWith Disney's "Enchanted" poised for a happily ever after at the box-office, director Kevin Lima is already talking sequel.

Good thing for him, co-star Patrick Dempsey already has a title. "It should be 'Disenchanted,' right?" Dempsey guffawed. "[Princess Giselle] puts on way too much weight after the pregnancy and she wants to go back to Andalasia where she was perfect. She's like 'I can't deal with it anymore!'"

It's a racy notion, but one that's somehow conceivable if Disney ever actually took the logic of "Enchanted," where a fairy tale princess learns about life in the "real world," and followed it strictly to its inevitable conclusion.

"Could you imagine?" Dempsey asked, still laughing. "'What is this? What's coming out of me? This doesn't happen in Andalasia - the babies just appear! Right? That'd be funny!"

But before you think Dempsey's idea is a little Prince Not So Charming, have a word with Princess Giselle herself, the actor suggested.

"I wish you could have heard the jokes that came from our little princess," he said, of lead actress Amy Adams. "She has a whole thing with what would it be like if Giselle had an orgasm. She's very funny with the way she discovers it."

"[Like I said]," Dempsey smiled. "'Disenchanted!'"