'Rambo' Exclusive: A First Look Plus Stallone Talks

We here at MTV News are quite excited to begin debuting today a series of exclusive images from an upcoming release you might have heard of..."Rambo." I know, it was hard to tell who that guy below was with the giant bow and arrow.

In addition, each week Sylvester Stallone will be answering questions exclusively for us. After the jump, read the first of his responses.

MTV: Where are you at with "Rambo" today? What remains to be done? What are the biggest challenges you're finding in the editing room?

STALLONE: We are just finishing up post-production on the film, which will be released on January 25th. The biggest challenges I've had is finding the right balance between the true Burmese crisis -- which has been on going on for 60 years, where rape, torture and murder are commonplace there -- and creating an action film that gives vieweres what they want, without being preachy.