'Sweeney Todd' Looking Like A Bloody Good Time

Tim Burton and Josh HorowitzSeventeen minutes does not a movie make but I'm willing to go out on a pretty secure limb here and say "Sweeney Todd" looks pretty good. Last night I got a chance to watch three scenes of the eagerly anticipated musical starring Johnny Depp and directed of course by the master of the macabre, Tim Burton (I also had a chance to talk to him at some length! See dorky photo to the right!) And one thing is for certain, this is a musical. Forget any ads that may have you thinking it's got the occasional song thrown in. The scenes I saw barely contained any dialogue not sung.

I can't be objective about any Tim Burton film really (yes mom, I skipped school to see "Batman") but I will say that I am cautiously optimistic about the finished product. Sure there's music galore but the flick also looks to be bloody good fun. And I mean that literally, the final clip shown featured a long series of victims of the demon barber getting their throats cut rather gruesomely.

You can read my full "Sweeney Todd" report here. In the meantime, tell us what you think. Are you psyched for "Sweeney" or would you rather watch "Edward Scissorhands" on TBS again?