Katharine McPhee and Tyson Ritter 'Know What Boys Like'

Katharine McPhee on the set of 'I Know What Boys Like'Sometime next year, the Anna Faris flick "I Know What Boys Like" will not only introduce the funnylady's newest chiropractor, but it will also mark the Hollywood debuts of two red-hot musicians: Katharine McPhee and Tyson Ritter. When we recently visited the set of the Playboy bunny comedy, we watched the duo compare notes about on-stage versus on-camera performances.

"This is very different," explained McPhee, looking around a set that included Faris, Colin Hanks, Emma Stone and Rumer Willis. "I can see how people would get freaked out on sets, because there's so many people behind the camera and you get only a few chances - depending on who the director is - to do what you have to do."

"I think the most common misconception is that it's harder to go in front of thousands of people, than in front of five people," said Ritter, remembering some of the huge crowds he's played to alongside his band, The All-American Rejects. "I think it's more unnerving when you've only got 5 people who are watching you!"

"But I've felt really comfortable, actually," said McPhee, who broke-out on "American Idol" last year. "Coming from a show that millions of people watch, it's a lot less scary. So, I've had a blast. The whole [movie] experience, this whole environment, is like a family. You get to know all the faces, all the grips, all the stagehands and stuff like that."

"Yeah, I feel like you can dissolve all the faces when you're out in front of a stage, but when you're on a movie it's unnerving because there's all these people looking at you," Ritter revealed. "But you seem to have no trouble with that at all."

"I think of it kind of like shooting a music video," McPhee said to her co-star. "When I'm shooting a music video, I kind of zone out when everyone else is behind the camera. Sometimes I notice [them], but I think [you just need] more concentration on a film, because when you're onstage you're interacting with people a little bit more."

"What kind of movie would you dream to be in? Like a Julia Roberts film?" Tyson playfully asked McPhee, considering their future careers. "'Pretty Woman'"?

"Yes! I was just watching 'Pretty Woman' last night because I rented it!" McPhee replied, shocked. "Probably something like that, because she was adorable in that movie. Or 'Ever After,' with Drew Barrymore. I love that movie!"

"I think if I could ever do something," Ritter grinned, "it would be 'Peter Pan.'"

How do you think Katharine and Tyson will make out as actors? Are you looking forward to their acting debuts? What other musicians would you like to see act? Weigh in below!