The Dailies: November 13, 2007

'Star Trek'Sit back, relax, and enjoy a hot, steaming cup of our links of the day, back again with news on "Star Trek," "Spider-Man," "Goonies," and more.

- Zachary Quinto returns from the City on the Edge of Forever – manages to get his picture taken as Spock on the set of the new "Star Trek." (JFX Online)

- Speaking of "Star Trek," Jennifer Morrison takes a break from the greatest show on TV (That would be "House" by the way) to join Abrams' flick. (TV Guide)

- Ridley Scott has got some huge "Stones." Director will helm supernatural thriller revolving around the destruction of ancient sites around the world. (Variety)

- Sam Raimi wants to catch a "character director" in his "Spider-Man" web. (Wizard)

- Someone said "die." Josh Brolin indicates "Goonies 2" is unlikely. (Reelz Channel)

- Timothy Olyphant to star in comic caper "High Life." (Variety)