EXCLUSIVE: 'Watchmen' Cast Turns It To The 'Max'

'Watchmen'Three months after Zack Snyder unveiled the main players who would help bring his vision of the epic graphic novel "Watchmen" to the big screen, the acclaimed director has upped his cast by one more head.

Make that a very famous, somewhat disembodied, CG-rendered head.

MTV News has learned that actor Matt Frewer -- best known as the stuttering, sarcastic, 80's icon Max Headroom -- has joined the cast of the eagerly anticipated film. The 49-year-old thesp will suit up as Moloch the Mystic, a satanic super villain and magician.

In the graphic novel, Moloch clashes with famous "masks" like Nite Owl, Ozymandias, and Doctor Manhattan, before giving up his life of crime sometime before the action of the novel begins. Rehabilitated, the former vice lord moves to New York City, where he lives alone until his murder in 1985. His dead body is discovered by Rorschach, who is framed for Moloch's death.

The character is noted for his devilish appearance, which includes elfish, pointed ears.

Frewer is currently filming his scenes, the actor's manager revealed to us. The star joins a cast that includes Patrick Wilson, Jackie Earle Haley, Billy Crudup, Malin Akerman, Matthew Goode, and Carla Gugino. Frewer previously worked with Snyder on 2004's "Dawn of the Dead."

"Watchmen" opens March 6, 2009.

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