'JLA' Not Movie Krytonite for Superman Film, say Actors

Brandon Routh in 'Superman Returns'We've devoted quite a lot of space in the last few months to news on the "Justice League of America": Who wants in, who wants out, who was in AND out - but after all the discussion over DC's tag-team effort, we wanted the final word on what the flick meant for that other project they were also supposed to be working on, you know the solo one with old Super what's his name.

Apparently the last people we should have asked were the actors involved.

"I know nothing. I saw one article about 'Justice League' being made, and I thought well, how's that going to affect the future of [Superman]?" James Marsden, who played Richard White in Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" confessed to MTV News. "So I have no idea. I really don't."

Ok, fine. If Marsden couldn't give up the goods we thought maybe his on-screen dad could - being a fellow journalist and all for "The Daily Planet." So Mr. Perry White - will there be another Bryan Singer "Superman"?

"I have no doubt it will happen again. I just don't think it will happen soon," Frank Langella said.

"I thought the first one was a beautiful film. I thought the concept was staggering. It got criticized for not being the kind of Superman everybody expects but Jesus!" Langella continued. "[But that said] I had dinner with Bryan a couple months ago and he said he wants to do the next one shorter, tighter, and with a lot more action in it."

Sounds good to us. What about you? Everything's on the table - what do you want out of your next Superman? Sound off below.