The Dailies: November 12, 2007

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a hot steaming cup of our links of the day, back again with news on "Harry Potter," "AstroBoy," "The Dark Knight," and more.

- Pucker up Mr. Weasley. Lavender Brown cast in "Half-Blood Prince," will be played by a girl named Jessie. (BBC)

- Director Colin Brady talks "AstroBoy," gives fans a first look at concept art for the CGI flick. (First Showing)

- Bruce Wayne takes a stroll, can Batman be far behind? Pics from the set of "The Dark Knight" pop up online. (AICN)

- You've just been Pimped! Xzibit joins the cast of Oliver Stone's "Pinkville." (Hollywood Reporter)

- Mickey Rourke pins down "The Wrestler," grabbing the Darren Aronofsky pic from Nic Cage. (Variety)

- Paul Verhoeven to direct "Thomas Crowne Affair" sequel. (ComingSoon)