Christopher Pike Won't Be In A Box This Time, Says 'Star Trek' Star Bruce Greenwood

Jeffrey Hunter as Christopher Pike in 'Star Trek: The Original Series' Christopher Pike lives! And he looks a lot better than he did when he was in that box with the blinking lights. Bruce Greenwood proudly told me today about his upcoming "Star Trek" role, "I am the second incarnation [of Christopher Pike]."

Though filming doesn't begin for Greenwood for three weeks (he told me he'll be shooting until April), the captain of the Enterprise before James T. Kirk has gotten the all important fitting for his costume. Joking that he's terrifed of being given "a speedo with epaulets," the character actor confirmed that the uniform will look somewhat familiar, saying "I think there will be a certain nod to the 60s."

The actor was extremely cautious about details, apologizing that "I can't say anything about plot" but adding that "it's a great script." But don't take it personally, even the one-time leader of the Enterprise crew hasn't been trusted with the story. "When I read the script I had to go to [director] J.J. Abrams' office and read it while I was being watched and leave it," he recalled. Greenwood joked, "I'm not sure if any of us are going to be allowed on set."

Secrecy is all well and good, but I had one more burning question for the Captain. This Pike doesn't end up in a box with lights, does he? "That's been done," he said.