Tommy Lee Jones Surprised by the Two Faces of Harvey Dent

Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face in 'Batman Forever'Yesterday, we ran an item on Jack Nicholson's bitterness over not being asked back to portray his legendary Batman baddie The Joker. Now, another former Gotham City menace is weighing in on the young whippersnapper who'll squeeze into a previously-worn costume...and his tune is decidedly different.

"Really?" Tommy Lee Jones said over the weekend, when told that Harvey "Two-Face" Dent was appearing in next July's Batman sequel "The Dark Knight." "I thought he died."

Well yeah, Tommy, your Two-Face fell to his death at the end of 1995's "Batman Forever," seemingly killing off the character. But now Chris Nolan has taken over the franchise after "Batman Begins," and he gave you and Nicholson the Heisman in favor of "Dark Knight" villains Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart.

"Oh," the Oscar winner replied, insisting that he hadn't heard the casting news. "I didn't know that."

"But yeah, he's a good guy," Jones said of Eckhart's selection as his successor. "I've worked with him. He's an awfully good guy."

Contrary to the opinion of Nicholson, Jones is content to dismiss his brief "Batman" career. Largely considered the film that began a slow, painful, camp-fueled death for the black-suited superhero (with "Batman and Robin" marking the final nail in that coffin), the "Forever" villains are often listed among the worst comic-book performances of all time.

Asked bluntly whether he would've liked to play Two-Face again, Tommy Lee Jones offered a stiff, one-word response: "No."

"Aaron is a good actor," said Jones, declining the opportunity to offer his "The Missing" co-star any advice. "He can take care of himself."

"That make-up, however, is difficult," he said, offering a rare grin.

Is TLJ being too hard on his Batman roots, or is it a good thing that he'll never play Harvey Dent again? Does it shock you that he didn't even know Two Face appears in "Dark Knight"? Is Eckhart simply a better choice to play the Gotham City District Attorney? Flip your coin, form your opinion, and weigh in below, Bat-fans!