Jack Nicholson Reveals Plans For A Third 'Chinatown' Film

Jack NicholsonHis partner may have implored him, "Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown," but Jack Nicholson is not quite willing to forget Jake Gittes and his dark and mysterious Los Angeles adventures. It's been 17 years since Nicholson last assumed the Gittes moniker, but with the release of "Chinatown" and its sequel "The Two Jakes" on DVD, don't look now but Jack's got a third installment on the brain.

In a rare interview last week, Nicholson revealed exclusively to MTV News the grand initial vision for a "Chinatown" trilogy that he and writer Robert Towne hatched. Says the legendary actor, "We always planned on making three films. We wanted it all to be tied into elemental things. 'Chinatown' is obviously water. 'The Two Jakes' is fire and energy. And the third film was meant to be about Gittes' divorce and relate to air."

Nicholson didn't shrink from giving details on that unrealized third film. Revealing that it was to be called "Gittes vs. Gittes," he said "it was meant to be set in 1968 when no-fault divorce went into effect in California. It was to be about Gittes' divorce. The secrecy of Meg Tilly's character was somehow to involve the most private person in California, Howard Hughes. That is where the air element would have come into the picture."

Asked if he's still interested in making "Gittes vs. Gittes," Nicholson said "I certainly would consider it." Alluding to the passage of time between the stories he added, "The timing is about right."

Should the Gittes trilogy be completed? Are you anxious to see Jack back as Jake or should the "Chinatown" films be left alone? Sound off below.

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