Joel Silver Heads Back To The Future For 'Logan's Run' Remake

Attention Logan-3. Report to Carousel immediately. It is time for your re-birth...

A remake of the 1976 sci-fi classic "Logan's Run" is still an absolute go, super-producer Joel Silver told MTV News, teasing that the story is "close to being great."

"The [original] is such a creaky old seventies movie and kind of silly," he said. "The book [meanwhile] is younger and cooler. We've gone back to that source material."

Meaning "younger and cooler" aren't just buzzwords, but quite literally true of Silver's approach. Like the original novel on which the first movie was based, Logan is part of a society whose citizens voluntarily euthanize themselves before they reach old age. But unlike the first movie – where death occurred at 30 – all the citizens in Silver's film die "at 21," he said.

So much for life beginning at 40.

But why remake at all? Because the story of "Logan's Run" has never had more resonance, Silver insisted.

"It's the story of a very young culture that is controlling the world," he explained. "Very young people [who] never really become adults. They just stay youthful. We're in a world today where everyone wants to be young. I think the whole notion of the original of a planet that decayed and resolved itself - I think we're dealing with that right now too."

"I think it's a very good project," he added.

But what about you? Think the time is right for a "Logan's Run" remake? And what of the fact that the whole cast will be under 21? Most importantly, circa 1976 Jennifer Agutter or Farrah Fawcett? Sound off below.