Tobin Bell's 'Saw IV' Jigsaw Journal #8

Tobin Bell as Jigsaw in 'Saw 4'During a career portraying some 75 film and TV characters, actor Tobin Bell has kept extensive journals detailing the on and off-camera minutiae in every one of his characters’ lives. While some might see this as obsessive; to Bell, it's simply the proper way to do his job. Now, with the release of "Saw IV," the star of the highest-grossing horror franchise of all time is revealing his Jigsaw journals for the first time, exclusively to MTV.

TODAY'S ENTRY: This past weekend, "Saw IV" gave the series' die-hard fans some eye-opening details about Jigsaw's origins, which have since fueled further speculation online. Now, Tobin Bell's journals continue to feed the fire by giving us an inside look at his thoughts regarding John Kramer's attire during those early "engineer days." First drafts of the script described Bell's character as wearing khaki pants, a knit golf-type shirt and loafers - to Bell, a too-conservative depiction that reeked "country club." Fearful of the cheese factor, this raised his eyebrow.

Click here to see the actual entry, hand-written by "Jigsaw." Translation and commentary from Bell follow.

[boxed in] Notes on costume:

SAW IV - Alex Kavanagh - Call Her!

Not just a t-shirt & jeans guy!

A philosopher

A poet

Successful, debonair, class

Jacket with stitching

Doesn't like to fit into the box, likes to think out of box

Not a conformist.

Not a good boy.

No country club look -

3rd direction - Well dressed, classy, interesting, more flowy - Want to look good.

Don't want to hide behind some country club costume

Marches to his own drummer.

Returning to his "Saw II" belief that the character "marches to his own drummer" (, Tobin was excited to portray John Kramer's pre-Jigsaw days. But, concerned that he and costume designer Alex Kavanagh needed to find a more appropriate clothing style than what was on the written page, he jotted down these notes before calling her. Bell explains: "If there's anyone with an open ear for an actor's thoughts and concerns, it's our costume designer. I said, 'Alex, I'm an engineer, but I don't think I'm a khakis and IZOD type of guy.' She responded, 'Yeah, he's too out-of-the-box for that. Let me think about it, pull some stuff off the rack, and I'll call you back.' At that point, we were on our way to what you see in 'Saw IV.' Darren Bousman was fine with whatever Alex and I chose; These notes are just me trying to work through it; asking myself 'If it's not khakis and an IZOD, what is it?' But Jigsaw doesn't have a country club look. He's not a Republican."