Mary Elizabeth Winstead Envisions Bulking Up For Wonder Woman

Mary Elizabeth WinsteadFrom MTV staffers to gangster rappers, if you've ever come within even 10 feet of a comic book, chances are you have an opinion on who should be cast in George Miller's upcoming "Justice League of America" movie, and with that, high hopes for a franchise that will combine some of history's greatest comic heroes.

Then there's Mary Elizabeth Winstead, an actress who actually auditioned recently for the role of Wonder Woman. She's just "trying not to get [her] hopes up," the 22-year-old told MTV News.

"I was so excited [to audition]. It would be the biggest honor in the world to play an icon like that," she enthused, looking like a child on Christmas morning about to be told whether or not she could open the world's biggest ever present. "We'll see. I keep thinking about all of the physical training I could do, bulking up and getting some muscles. I've never seen myself like that before!"

After Jessica Biel officially turned down the role of Princess Diana, several actresses have been linked to the role, notably Winstead, Teresa Palmer, and Shannyn Sossamon. Talking with MTV News two weeks ago, pop singer Christina Milan even threw her hat into the ring.

Everybody's got an opinion. For her part, the "Live Free or Die Hard" and "Grindhouse" star says she's just enjoying the debate.

"It's funny because I didn't really see anybody else [auditioning] when I went in, so I was learning along with everyone else all the different names," she confessed. "It was fun to go on the message boards and see what people were saying, speculating on the rumors. I know they'll make the right choice, and whoever it is will be great, I'm sure."

In a weird bit of film trivia, Winstead actually starred alongside TV's Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, in 2005's "Sky High."

"I'm not sure if they’re even aware of that," Winstead said of her casting directors. "But it is cool! I kept in touch with her a little after the film. It would be amazing, if I did get it, to be able to tell her."

Winstead is a 5'8", devastatingly attractive, long-haired brunette with serious talent: What do you make of her potentially playing Wonder Woman? And if not her, who? Sound off below.