How Anthony Hopkins Nearly Fathered Superman

Anthony Hopkins"Superman Returns" helmer Bryan Singer split the fan community when he opted to cast a CGI Marlon Brando in the part of Jor-El -- the same role Brando held in the classic 1978 flick -- but did you know the part was originally destined for another legendary actor? Of course, that was when the film was also destined for another director.

Before Singer's involvement, the project seemed firmly in the hands of "Rush Hour" chieftain Brett Ratner, who had come far enough along with development that he attached none other than Anthony Hopkins as Jor-El, Superman's old man on Krypton. Unfortunately for everyone on the team though, things hit a snag.

"I was going to do the movie with Brett, and I don't know what happened," Hopkins recalled.

According to the thesp, it was bad blood that caused the split. "[There was] some political movement," he said. "I think Brett was out of line with something and they said thank you very much. I never heard from Brett since then, but I was all set to do it."

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