Tobin Bell’s ‘Saw IV’ Jigsaw Journal #2

During a career portraying some 75 film and TV characters, actor Tobin Bell has kept extensive journals detailing the on and off-camera minutiae in every one of his characters’ lives. While some might see this as obsessive; to Bell, it’s simply the proper way to do his job. Now, on the eve of this month’s “Saw IV” release, the star of the highest-grossing horror franchise of all time is revealing his Jigsaw journals for the first time, exclusively to MTV.

TODAY’S ENTRY: From Bell’s “Saw II” journal, titled “Room set up”

Click here to see the actual entry, hand-written by “Jigsaw.” Translation and commentary from Bell follow.

(Scribbled around a crude sketch of Jigsaw’s wheelchair, a clock and a watercooler)

Physical logic

(List) Glasses, Cup and straw, Cereal! Spoon, Red Drum stick!

Keep me here + we can talk

Comfort zone when he’s in kitchen

(Another list) Ice chips, drumming — drum sticks, radio, water, eyeglasses, tissue — little throw away Kleenex, cup + straw, coffee cup etc. is empty.

Trash on table? Plate with egg dried, or cereal bowl with milk and spoon. Napkin, knife and fork. Salt + pepper? No books, just k [kitchen] table stuff (as decoy), and drum sticks in hand.

How often is he in kitchen — not that often — he’s set it up specifically for this, but he wants to make table feel like it’s used all the time. Coffee.

(In a box): “There’s a recessed Button in the wall next to the water cooler…you can’t reach it with a finger…use one of these…”

Drum sticks have been knocked away + must lie next to him on floor.

Ice chip cup has been knocked away…I keep referring to it.

Bell explains: “Here’s a page on objects in the ’Saw II’ elevator, aka “the kitchen”. Because that’s what Jigsaw wanted it to look like — a kitchen. The red drumsticks…I asked [Production Designer] David Hackl and Jim Murray, the props guy, to put those on set, and they did. The reason, in my mind, was that there’s a drum beat going on in Jigsaw’s head. He marches to his own drummer, he has his own rhythm and sense of things. I said ’I’d like to have them, and I want them in red’ … When [Wahlberg] threw the table over, they ended up on the floor. I made sure they kept adjusting the set so the drumsticks were close to me. The set was constructed so that the buttons operating the elevator were hidden, and [I had hoped] to speak the lines I’d written in that box…getting Matthews to use a drumstick to trigger the elevator. By the time the cops realize what’s occurred and rush downstairs, we’re gone. It would’ve given a raison d’être to those drumsticks; but we never filmed it that way … sometimes ideas are better than they play out in reality. But no question about it, if you watch “Saw II” you’ll still see those red drumsticks.”