Tobin Bell's 'Saw IV' Jigsaw Journal #2

Tobin Bell as Jigsaw in 'Saw 4'During a career portraying some 75 film and TV characters, actor Tobin Bell has kept extensive journals detailing the on and off-camera minutiae in every one of his characters' lives. While some might see this as obsessive; to Bell, it's simply the proper way to do his job. Now, on the eve of this month's "Saw IV" release, the star of the highest-grossing horror franchise of all time is revealing his Jigsaw journals for the first time, exclusively to MTV.

TODAY'S ENTRY: From Bell's "Saw II" journal, titled "Room set up"

Click here to see the actual entry, hand-written by "Jigsaw." Translation and commentary from Bell follow.

(Scribbled around a crude sketch of Jigsaw's wheelchair, a clock and a watercooler)

Physical logic

(List) Glasses, Cup and straw, Cereal! Spoon, Red Drum stick!

Keep me here + we can talk

Comfort zone when he's in kitchen

(Another list) Ice chips, drumming -- drum sticks, radio, water, eyeglasses, tissue -- little throw away Kleenex, cup + straw, coffee cup etc. is empty.

Trash on table? Plate with egg dried, or cereal bowl with milk and spoon. Napkin, knife and fork. Salt + pepper? No books, just k [kitchen] table stuff (as decoy), and drum sticks in hand.

How often is he in kitchen -- not that often -- he's set it up specifically for this, but he wants to make table feel like it's used all the time. Coffee.

(In a box): "There's a recessed Button in the wall next to the water can't reach it with a finger...use one of these..."

Drum sticks have been knocked away + must lie next to him on floor.

Ice chip cup has been knocked away...I keep referring to it.

Bell explains: "Here's a page on objects in the 'Saw II' elevator, aka "the kitchen". Because that's what Jigsaw wanted it to look like -- a kitchen. The red drumsticks…I asked [Production Designer] David Hackl and Jim Murray, the props guy, to put those on set, and they did. The reason, in my mind, was that there's a drum beat going on in Jigsaw's head. He marches to his own drummer, he has his own rhythm and sense of things. I said 'I'd like to have them, and I want them in red' ... When [Wahlberg] threw the table over, they ended up on the floor. I made sure they kept adjusting the set so the drumsticks were close to me. The set was constructed so that the buttons operating the elevator were hidden, and [I had hoped] to speak the lines I'd written in that box…getting Matthews to use a drumstick to trigger the elevator. By the time the cops realize what’s occurred and rush downstairs, we're gone. It would've given a raison d’être to those drumsticks; but we never filmed it that way ... sometimes ideas are better than they play out in reality. But no question about it, if you watch "Saw II" you'll still see those red drumsticks."