Statham Goes Non-Stop For 'Crank' Sequel, Revs Up For 'Transporter 3’

Jason StathamWe told you yesterday about Jason Statham's confirmation that he's not in "G.I. Joe." Well now we can tell you about films that he is in. So get your motor running, because "Crank 2” is on the way and it's "effing ridiculous," Statham told MTV News, while also filling us in on the prospects for a third installment of the guilty-pleasure "Transporter" series.

As for "Crank," ridiculous is right, since, if I remember correctly, the first "Crank" ended with Statham's character falling out of a helicopter, bouncing on the pavement, and coming to a rest, dead, in the middle of the street. And even if he somehow survived the fall hadn't he been, well, poisoned?

But in an interview with Empire Online two weeks ago, "Crank" co-directors Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine insisted that they found a way, promising that the flick would be "more sexual, more violent - more of everything."

For his part, Statham says he's just happy to be along for the ride. "If you thought the first one was crazy, this is ridiculous. It's mad," he enthused. "I couldn't resist working with those chaps again. It gives me a chance to go wild in the aisles."

While he didn't indicate whether or not that means he'll get to ravage Amy Smart in the middle of Chinatown again, Statham did confirm that the film will be a true sequel, that it won’t play tricks and will start after the events of the first "Crank." "I'm not robotic," he grinned. "It's a follow-up."

Speaking of follow-ups, to paraphrase The Greatest: grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. Frank Martin drives. After two successful flicks, the man they call the Transporter is about to take another lap.

Announced seven months ago, "Transporter 3” is closer than ever to happening, according to star Jason Statham. "I have a massive yearning to do Part 3 with Luc [Besson]," Statham told us. "I think it will happen [soon]."

Interviewed in Montreal on the set of "Death Race 3000," Statham said he was expecting a meeting with Besson, the French writer/producer of the "Transporter" within days to iron out details. "Luc is coming up here in a week or so and we'll have a talk about ['Transporter']," Statham revealed, adding that they've "just been waiting for the script to be in a good spot."

By script, of course, I presume they mean one or two scenes of dialogue and roughly 80 pages of prose poem ass kicking, physics bending, wheel on wheel violence. Which is awesome.

Rule #1: Never change the deal. So the same bargain as always: I write, you leave your thoughts. Does "Transporter 3” and "Crank 2” drive you wild, or do you want to tell Statham to hit the road? Sound off below.