Statham Says No-Go To 'G.I. Joe'

Jason Statham in 'Crank'If G.I. Joe taught me anything, it's that "knowing is half the battle." Know this: After months of speculation that he would play Action Man in the long-anticipated live-action adaptation from "Van Helsing" director Stephen Sommers, "Crank" star Jason Statham says he has nothing at all to do with "G.I. Joe."

"The old Internet can be quite misleading at times," Statham said. "I don't know where that came from."

More precisely, the rumors of his involvement merely indicated that Paramount was looking his way, and that he was the first choice for the role, presumably to add an international flavor to what would otherwise be a film focused exclusively on American soldiers. So we wondered: has he even been contacted at all?

"[I have] no connection with 'G.I. Joe,'" he insisted.

Statham doesn't strike me as someone likely to play coy, so now that his involvement has been put to rest, is there someone else you see in the role? Should Action Man even be included? Sound off below.