J.K. Rowling Recounts Fate-Revealing Conversations With 'Potter' Stars

J.K. RowlingIn a world filled with magic spells, where problems can be solved with a flick of the wrist, the old adage still applies, a delighted J.K. Rowling told reporters: Be careful what you wish for!

That held particularly true for the stars of the "Harry Potter" movie series, she said, who all wanted to know what was going to happen to their characters as the last "Potter" book approached...until, that is, she started to tell them. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.)

"I think they were always petrified of asking me," she said, smiling broadly. "I went down to the set and Dan [Radcliffe] and I had a real chat and it was great. And I said to him 'Dumbledore's giving me a bit of trouble.' And he said, 'But Dumbledore's dead!' And then immediately 'Don't tell me! Don't tell me!'"

But that didn't stop Radcliffe from "pretending that he knew the ending of book seven," Rowling laughed, saying his loose lips got him his just desserts. "He went down the corridor to the other kids, because they were still being schooled at the time, and he said, 'She's told me, I know what happens,'" Rowling related. "Of course, then he was besieged and started to panic."

"He got a little taste of what it's like to be me," the author cackled. "Serves him right!"

Surely, though, some bits of information were necessary to play it right– and none more so, apparently, than what was to develop between a certain pair of would be lovers.

"I told all of them little bits, [but] I told Emma Watson the most," Rowling said of the actress who plays Hermione Granger, who in the seventh novel finally gets her romantic moment with Ron Weasley. "She nearly fell off the chair laughing when I told her who she had to kiss."

"But if it's faithful to the story she has to kiss both of them," Rowling added, indicating Harry as well as Ron. "Which I think is kind of funny."

If you were on of the actors in the "Harry Potter" movies, would you have wanted to know what was going to happen? Or would you be too afraid to ask? Sound off below.

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